Finally, get your dusty
AirPods cleaned.

AirPods Cleaning Kit

The ultimate cleaning kit for removing accumulated dust, pull out wax residues and disinfecting your AirPods & AirPods Pro.

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What you get:

  • 5x Cleaning paste
  • 4x Alcohol wipes
  • 1x Spudger

If you clean your Pods & Case once a week, the Just Away kit will allow you to clean them for 3 months.

Compatible with

  • AirPods Pro


  • AirPods 2

  • AirPods 1

How it works

Shipping worldwide.
Clean, safe and easy to use.
Non-toxic and eco-friendly.
Organic materials.

The Spudger

Clean up inaccessible corners with ease

Remove dust residues or ear wax accumulated on the whole Airpods case in the blink of an eye thanks to the Spudger. This tool can be used multiple times and allows a 94% removal of residues when used with our Alcohol swabs.

Just Away Paste

More accurate than a toothpick, better than a cotton swab.

Just Away's special pressure-sensitive paste adapts perfectly to the shape to ensure complete coverage of the object to which it is applied. The paste is specifically conceived retains the accumulated dust and ear wax to restore your Airpods's cleanliness.

Alcohol wipes

Extend the life of your Airpods with 30 seconds a week.

Using our cleaning kit will extend the life of your Airpods. More specifically, the quality of listening will be maintained longer and the speed of charge will be more efficient. The less dust and accumulation of wax, the more your device will maintain its original performance.

You spoke, we listened.

We're working on more
away cleaning kits.
Stay tuned.